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Virtual Reality allows Playmax to bring solutions to companies that are otherwise expensive or cost inefficient. Visiting a hazardous place that has been captured in 3D makes it so the visitor can safely explore various environments from any place they desire. This is beneficial for the participants safety and will reduce the cost of actually needing to travel to various locations.


Thanks to recent developments virtual reality is now easy accessible on multiple IOS and Android devices. This allows the technology to be widely spread and gain popularity.

For high end solutions Playmax provides in tether less virtual reality experiences making use of a virtual reality supported backpack. Sensors will pick up the participants movement so they are truly immersed in the virtual environment.

Playmax combines 3D scanning technology to produce digital twins in combination with virtual reality. VR is used as e-learning platforms, showcases/presentations, asset management and more.

In practise

To give young students ( 9 – 14 ) the opportunity to assemble a full 3D model of a car-engine is something we couldn’t easily do a few years ago. Recently we developed this solution to help young female participants to learn about engine assembly without actually having a ‘real’engine but instead having a virtual engine with interactive engine parts.

Firefighters in Holland are looking for ways to train new firefighters in various buildings. Creating safe digital training environments for firefighters including high risk situations. This reduces costs significant compared to actually moving all the firefighters in training to a real location and simulating real fires.

Virtual reality can bring customer support to a whole other level. Instead of sending an email or being in a 1 to 1 chat via phone or text, we bring the customer to a virtual table with customer support. Allowing the customer support to bring customers into a 3D environment, enjoying different views, whilst receiving advise.