The Asus Zenfone AR is the first professional smartphone based on the Google Tango platform (predecessor of Google’s ARCore) which provides extremely accurate AR functionality. ASUS Europe asked us to develop an app to support the launch of the Zenfone AR in which the new Google Tango features where applied:

  • Motion tracking
  • Area learning
  • Depth perception

The launch was scheduled for Q3 2017 in multiple locations of the Media Markt during the Asus Back To School tour. In this tour 5 more Asus products where introduced next to the Zenfone AR.

Virtual tour by Zenbo in Mediamarkt
In cooperation with the Asus Europe team, we have developed a concept for the App in which Zenbo (a robot built by Asus) is virtually projected in the Media Markt using Augmented Reality with the Zenfone AR. The customers are guided by a virtual Zenbo (motion tracking), accompanying them in a tour along 5 new Asus products which were virtually placed in AR in different locations (area learning) all the way to the Asus Shop in Shop in the Media Market. Zenbo and the new products where so realistically placed in AR that they even disappeared behind walls or shelves (depth perception), making the virtual objects blend into realism as if they were part of it.

Zenbo uses AI functionality to make sure that the customer knew exactly where the next virtual Asus product was placed and how to get there. Zenbo also made sure that the customer followed, by checking the position of the Zenfone AR and retrieving it if necessary. When Zenbo arrived at the Asus product, it showed the best features of the product to inform the customer of the new and innovative features.

Once Zenbo and the customer had arrived at the Asus Shop in Shop, the customer was handed a Google Daydream with the Zenfone AR placed inside. Subsequently the customer was asked to answer questions in a thrilling VR environment completely build in the style of the new Asus products. When all questions were answered correctly, the customer won a prise supplied to them by Asus Europe.

50% more registrations
The tour in the Media Markt had given Asus Europe the opportunity to distinguish its position in the telecom branche and to draw media attention to the 5 new high quality products. The revolutionary Zenfone AR functions were fully utilized and showed the media several practical applications in which AR can add value in ecommerce, indoor navigation, product exposure, etc. The public was very enthusiastic about the tour, which resulted in 50% more registrations in comparison to earlier Asus campaigns in 2017.