The Dutch department of Waterways and Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat) manages a very large number of constructions and assets remotely and asked us to join a pilot to improve their remote asset management processes by creating a 3d model of a 10.000m2 building. The employees that are responsible for the state of the properties experienced a lack of insight caused by the absence of immersive visual confirmation.

3D walkthrough with realtime information
The building was scanned by us using professional Matterport cameras measuring both depth as creating 4k imagery. This resulted in a very accurate 3d representation of the building that can be viewed in dollhouse mode but also allows actual 4k 360 views in virtually any location of the building. It is one of the biggest Matterport spaces that has been made so far.

To optimize the visual confirmation in the asset management processes, we built a custom adapter to integrate the 3d model with Ultimo Infra Assetmanagement. Because of this adapter, any part or equipment in the 3d model gets a tag which shows realtime information about the object as administrated in Ultimo Infra Assetmanagement. The tag also includes buttons to directly navigate to the Ultimo page displaying the object details or to a form in which a repair job can be added.

State of the art
The visual confirmation of the part of the building that needs maintenance both removes any chance of misinterpretation or guesswork about the object’s location or administrative details as serial or part numbers, without the need of inspecting the physical location beforehand.

The ability to show realtime information in the 3d model enables the possibility for realtime sensor feedback, providing the employee real-time critical information about the specific building, object or part. The 3d model also creates an opportunity to further expand the digital twin capabilities to use it for simulations when planning drastic changes or forecasting material decay over a large period of time.

The pilot proved to be very successful, providing Rijkswaterstaat state of the art, easy-to-use innovative tooling to perform their daily tasks far more effectively and efficiently.


Notable results:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • 1 month
  • €100.000
  • 5 FTE