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Playmax has invested in new 3D interactive visualization concepts and developed a Restaurant Booking System which leaves no room for disappointments! State-of-the-art 3D visualization gives your customers an exact overview of what your restaurant has to offer in terms of seating and reservation.  Be among the trendsetters to allow your customers to browse your restaurant layout, pick their specific table and inspect the real-time actual availability.

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The Playmax Restaurant Booking System offers your clients the possibility to reserve a specific time-slot at a specific table, eliminating any need for contact with the restaurant employees. The 3D models are advanced models made by our staff with the use of professional laser camera’s using 4k imagery, offering different types of views (dollhouse, tour, floorplan). To enhance the immersive experience of your restaurant, extra information (menus, tablenumbers, USP’s) can be displayed in the 3D model using panels which show text, photos or videos. The 3D model viewer is very easy to integrate in your existing website and can be viewed by your customers on most regular devices (iOS, Windows, Android)


The Playmax Restaurant Booking System allows your customers to experience the layout of your restaurant in VR! The only thing your customers have to do is to put their smartphone in any cardboard VR device and step inside your restaurant. Bookings are directly visible in the Playmax Restaurant Booking System where they can be managed by your employees. Any new bookings or changes in existing ones are processed immediately to make sure your customers have real-time insight in your table availability. It is up to you to determine which tables can be directly booked by your customers and which tables need to be booked by your staff, allowing for full flexibility, optimization of your booking process. Innovation = expensive? Not at all. Check out our competitive prices, including full implementation of the Playmax Restaurant Booking System, 3D model, table layout and assistance with the website integration!


Including booking system

  • € 995,- installation costs including 3D scan (max 150 m² / 25 tables)
  • € 100,- per additional 50 m²
  • € 15,- per extra table

Integrated with your existing booking system

  • € 795,- installation costs including 3D scan (max 150 m² / 25 tables)
  • € 100,- per additional 50 m²
  • € 15,- per extra table


The reservations in this demo environment are simulated. We will not send data to any restaurant.