Restaurant Vito – Booking system in 3D

//Restaurant Vito – Booking system in 3D

Restaurant Vito – Booking system in 3D

Restaurant Vito is one of the first to benefit from a 3D model with 4k imagery made by Playmax! This allows Vito’s customers to experience the beautiful restaurant by browsing thru the 3D model on their phone or tablet. Playmax has added interactive displays in the 3D model to show relevant information and video’s to show the profession behind the exquisite cuisine. Every table holds an interactive icon too, and for a very innovative function! This interaction allows customers to see the availability of the desired table and reserve the best available table on the requested date and timeslot. A quest with kids that prefer the table next to the kids play-corner? A couple on a date with the wish of a quite romantic table? The choice is theirs! After the reservation has been made, the customer receives an email confirmation showing the reservation details and a link to the table inside the 3D model, so the customer can show it to friends and table guests. The confirmation email also holds a cancel link so that the table becomes available again for other people, in case the customer needs to cancel the reservation.


The restaurant owner can see all the bookings in the online reservation system and manage the reservations accordingly. Every reservation is also confirmed to any desired email address used by the restaurant staff. The staff can rearrange reservations too, in case customers have the need to change their reservation to another table, date and/or time. If guests come to the restaurant without a table reservation, the staff can enter the desired table and timeslot in the system to update the table availability. The availability of the tables in the 3D model is always up-to-date, to make sure no accidental double reservations can be made.

Is letting your customers make direct table reservations very difficult to manage in your restaurant? Not to worry, the Playmax 3D model of your restaurant can also be equipped with a preferred table option. In this case your customers are also able to explore the full inside of your restaurant and pick a specific date in a specific table’s calendar. But instead of booking the table directly in our reservation system, we can navigate the customer to your reservations page on your website with the date and preferred table number already filled in. Your restaurant staff can manage the seating of the customers and confirm to the customer if their preferred table is available. Combining our reservation system and the preferred table option is possible too, giving you complete freedom in your table reservation strategy.

Try our reservation system in our demo, and see for yourself how easy and beneficial it is for your customers. Happy bookings!