HFR Operator VR Training

It all started decades ago; today, the HFR (High Flux Reactor) in The Netherlands has become one of the few reactors in the world that can produce medical isotopes.
Every day, the reactor delivers raw materials to make nuclear medicines for 30.000 patients worldwide. It is also used to conduct research into safe and new nuclear energy.

In collaboration with educational consultants and nuclear technicians from NRG, Playmax provided a user friendly VR platform that now functions as a unique segment in their training program, helping them qualify and train their operators in a realistic manner.

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A virtual clone of the HFR controller room

To reach an immersive level of detail, Playmax utilized a mix of laser scanning and photogrammetry along with several inhouse techniques.
The result is a life-like virtual clone of the HFR controller room, where almost each individual component can be interacted with, and driven by the platform.

The level of detail on the components is adequate enough to be read from a distance whilst wearing a VR headset

The platform itself consists of 3 individual, but cooperating applications that allow the instructors to create time- and event-based scenarios.
These scenarios can be individually created and uploaded to the training environment where the operator can experience them in Virtual Reality.
For the instructors to monitor and guide the operators, a standalone tablet application is used.

Standalone tablet application for monitoring and guiding



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